Bitcoin Money Digital BCM

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Bitcointalk thread:

Did you miss out on Bitcoin in 2009? 10 years later, you have a second chance.

No fancy or flashy website because I have nothing to sell here, just a link to wallet download to start mining.

Here is your second chance to mine Bitcoin. For those who were around since 2009 but did not take action mining Bitcoin, this is another opportunity. Bitcoin Money just launched, absolutely worthless, No ICO and you cannot trade it for fiat so there's no chance of being scammed. There's absolutely no risk here, at the very least, go mine some coin and send it to family and friends to HODL. This is a chance to get on the ground floor, with no risk other than mining, so don't let this one pass you by!

Become an early adopter and be one of the first to mine and HODL, if you believe in blockchain.

BitcoinMoney is based on scrypt, so it's easier to mine. There's 21,000,000 BCM coins total supply, and 1,000,000 coins pre-mined because I believe in this opportunity and will keep mining it. Block time is around 3 minutes with halving every 200,000 blocks (once per year) vs. the 4 years in BTC.

You can let this one slide by you again, or just mine it!

Coin Details:

Algorithm: Scrypt

Block type: Proof-of-Work

Coin name: BitcoinMoney

Coin abbreviation: BCM

Address letter: M

Address letter: testnet M

RPC port: 11587

P2P port: 11588

Block reward: 50 coins

Block halving: 200,000 blocks

Coin supply: 21,000,000 coins

Premine amount: 1,000,000 coins